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Smart Studio Philosophy

Take your indoor cycling to a whole new level with the only smart studio in the Roanoke Valley area!



Top Power performance feedback stands by the philosophy: “If you can measure it, you can improve it”. Performance IQ Software allows data from the Keiser M3+ to be transmitted wirelessly via a smart sensor transmitter to a Top Power Display Board that displays participants’ power, RPM and energy output numbers. The Smart Studio system has the ability to cue up individual racing, team racing, or single sprints that are viewed on the Top Power Display Board.  The Display Board provides a “heads up” view for participants to monitor their output numbers. In regular Cycle LAB classes the Display Board is primarily used to motivate individual performance and effort.  Participants always have the option to take their bike off of the Display Board if they do not wish to monitor their output numbers.



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Keiser M3+ at Lab Sports Performance
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